hey y’all!  however you have found me, I am so excited that you are here to follow my journey and hopefully share in the magic with me!

my name is Alanna, and I am a 21 year old consultant with Arbonne.  Arbonne is a health and wellness company that have encouraged and inspired me not only in my personal health but to help others find their way to a successful healthy lifestyle.

late 2017 I went to my doctor because I was exhausted from getting sick after every meal.  through nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhea (sorry tmi), I was struggling to get the full nutrition from my food.  no word of a lie, my abdomen often looked like i was 6 months pregnant because of the bloating that occurred.  because this was happening regularly, even my self image begun to be affected.  i wouldn’t wear tight-fitting t-shirts or jeans because it was obvious that i was very bloated.  i didn’t realize until much later that i had even begun dressing differently, with looser and baggier clothing around my stomach, because of this issue.

my doctor was finally able to give me a diagnosis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).   she gave me a stack of pamphlets to read and recommended several different diets to help heal my gut.  needless to say, I was overwhelmed, it sounded like a death sentence to any and all cravings and indulgences.  I cried that day on my way home from her office, not because i pitied myself, but because I felt like I would never truly enjoy my food again.  IBS isn’t a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, and it has no cure.  it is a different experience for every individual and has many different triggers.

later that fall, i was introduced to Arbonne through my boss.  she hosted a small get-together and we tested out products and sipped champagne (typical girls night).  the more i learned about the company, its products, and what it had done from so many others, i was inspired!  the positive culture that surrounds this business is overwhelming. not only has it helped people lose weight and heal chronic symptoms, but it has helped others like me with IBS.  i completed their 30 day program in January, and was so impressed that i just knew i had to be a part of this community!  not only did i learn how to properly nourish my body, but by eliminating toxins and allergenic foods from my diet, I was able to pin-point my IBS triggers.  it is no longer uncomfortable for me to wear jeans!

i signed up to be a consultant for Arbonne because I want to help and inspire others the same way I have been.  my gut feels healthier, i no longer have excessive bloating, and i feel like a much happier version of myself!  Arbonne is so much more than a nutrition brand, it is a tribe of men and women who are on the road to success, in their fitness goals and for financial freedom; they are giving people the chance of becoming their own boss and earning an unlimited income.  i’m so happy i decided to take a chance to find out what they have in store for me!



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Hey fellow IBS sufferer! Glad you have been able to find a way to manage and control your IBS at such an early stage. I suffered for a long time before doing sort of trial and error food experiments myself to see where the problem lay! I feel your pain about dressing differently etc but the only silver lining is that I had a ready-made maternity wardrobe when I was expecting my little one!