L over at nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award a couple days ago, and I am finally getting this post up.  Two blogger awards this month!  Thanks so much @LTalksLife for nominating me for a second time!

Dang, this blogging community blows my mind!  If you aren’t following @LTalksLife and myself (@AlannaLexieBlog) over on Twitter you definitely should be.  Twitter is where it’s at when it comes to finding advice or support from fellow bloggers 🙂

I started blogging in a mid-teen crisis to save my mental health, though my blogging career has come a long way since then.  Some of us write because we are creative souls, some to let off steam, and some blog because they don’t want to be a part of the status quo, they want more from life.  I am all of the above.  I see this as a life-changing opportunity for myself and so many other women.  Which is why I want to keep the support going!



7 Facts About Me.


1.  I was homeschooled through my entire education, pre-k – high school.  And yes, I loved it!  It made me the person I am today.

2. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS and it’s quite literally the bane of my existence haha!  Especially because my fiance is an aspiring chef!

3. I’m a little bossy and a lot sarcastic.  Just ask my coworkers lol.  Sassmaster, am I right?!?!

4. I aspire to work from home full-time one day.  Because who wants to work a normal 9-5 job?

5. I’m mildly obsessive.  Whatever I put my mind to becomes the only thing I can see.  Can be a good thing or a bad thing…

6. I’m actually terrible at sports, which is why I have always avoided any and all sports to this day.

7. I come from a big family (shoutout to my 5 sibs), and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


Award Rules, let’s keep it simple.  Write 7 interesting facts about yourself, and nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.


Bloggers I’m nominating:


@CozyStylist at

@laurenannbeauty at

@subtlejamie at

@brittneybeeyt at

@being_chloe96 at

@lisarachelblogs at

@BrokeYoungLivin at

@Idreamofclothes at

@kelliemonahan at

@beccycatherine_ at

@CaCoCoBlog at

@Embumblex at

@bankrupt_beauty at

@littlerowdotcom at

@ramblingblog01 at




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