I’m mildly obsessed with YouTubers I won’t lie.  I’ve considered starting up my own channel many times, but time and energy just are not allowing me to do so just yet (YET being the key word, am I right?).  Something about watching everyday life things I find incredibly inspiring!  I don’t watch too many vloggers, because it’s hard to keep up with them all!  But these are a few of my very favourites for you to check out!

Dan & Alex Vlogs

These guys live in Canada!  I always love supporting a fellow Canadian.  Alex and Dan travel a lot, are two of the most down to earth people, and talk about a lot of relatable issues.  Alex also has her own channel where she posts about fashion, beauty, and a variety of other things.


Jamie & Nikki

Not going to lie, when I found their channel I binge-watched their vlogs, I believe they have been doing YouTube since 2012.  These two are amazing!  Two of the most upbeat people, and I love their enthusiasm for life.  They have a daughter named Ava, and Nikki is pregnant with their second daughter.  Definitely my favourite YouTube family, there is never a dull moment with these Australian vloggers!


Pia & Kane

If you are in tune with the YouTube world then you will know these two lovebirds.  They just got engaged recently, and I just know that their wedding will be one for the books!  Their channel is full of their travels, and also amazing videography and editing skills.  They are also Australian based (what is it with Australian YouTubers being the fricking bomb?!!?).


Megan Leigh

I have been following Meg almost from the beginning, about 6 years now!  Her channel started out as solely a beauty channel, but she has recently made a switch to focusing on her vlog channel more, and also more lifestyle content.  She is one of those people who was never changed by the fame of YouTube and remains the same amazing person today as she was a decade ago.  Meg is crazy relatable, she speaks about her struggles with depression and everyday life.  She’s just like the rest of us!


Lydia Elise Millan

Lydia is goals I’m telling you!  She recently was married to her fiance, and of course she pulled off the most amazing wedding.  This talented girl also blogs over at lydieelisemillan.com.   Check it out HERE!


Karissa Pukas

Karissa is another Canadian YouTuber.  She lives in Vancouver, BC, with her boyfriend, Glen.  I always love watching her vlogs as the sights are always familiar for me having grown up on the coast.  She owns her own company, Social Eyes, where they produce ethical, vegan lashes in a wide range of affordable styles.  She’s also an amazing makeup artist, and travels often with brands like Tarte and YSL Beauty.


Sarah Therese

I actually grew up with Sarah back in the day, and while we haven’t kept in touch I’ve been able to watch her grow on her YouTube channel. She also lives in BC, is a SAHM and has two children of her own.  I love Sarah’s values and her parenting skills!

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