Last year I saved a whopping $6,000 in a matter of 6 months.  That’s right, 6k!

These are all simple ways to start saving money TODAY.  You don’t need to go change your bank, start up a side-business, or give up your vehicle for public transportation.  There are so many “money-saving hacks” on the internet these days, but this is just how I personally saved money for myself.

Whenever I have a large goal in mind I always break it down into weekly, or daily goals.  How much do I need to save every day to meet my monthly goal?  There are approximately 20 working days on average in a month, and I use that number to divide my financial goals.  If I need to save $1000 in a month, I’ll divide that by 20 and there you have it, I need to save $50 for every working day.

Make yourself a budget.

I know, I know, this is what everyone says.  But you will not get far if you do not invest the time to create a monthly budget for yourself.  This doesn’t have to be extremely specific, but should include all of your monthly bills, rent, gas money, grocery money, etc.

Make yourself a reasonable goal.

Saving $1000 a month may not be feasible depending on your monthly income, or perhaps you could even save more than that.  Once you’ve created your budget you will be able to see what categories you can re-disperse or save money on.

Stop stress shopping and impulsive buying.

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I have a BAD shopping habit.  I’m not outrageous, but I LOVE shopping!  If the mall was still open after I got off work, I would always be there.  Not even expensive stuff tho guys.  Literally maybe a chocolate bar, a new nail polish, or a cute coffee mug.  I would spend $20-$30 every other day!  When I was bored or stressed I would spend money, only stressing myself out more.  The things we do to ourselves….lol.

But what if, instead of going to the mall when I was bored I would go to the gym?!  Now you might be thinking, “Alanna, that’s stupid.  You’re just spending that money on a gym pass then.”  True, but not true.  If I was spending an average of approximately $200 a month at the mall as opposed to a $50/month gym pass?!  That’s saving me $150 a month, plus I’m getting fit.  Win win for me in my opinion.

Write a list, and stick to it.

Groceries was another #1 budget-blower for me.  If I don’t plan out my meal specifically for the week I end up purchasing tons of random shit, which ends up in the trash bin at the end of the week.  I used to throw out so many veggies/fruit gone bad simply because I wouldn’t plan out my meals.  Also having meals prepped and ready to go will help eliminate spending money on lunches while at work during the week.  I honestly can’t stress this enough.  If you can cut down on having your daily coffee and buying a lunch at noon, your’e saving yourself at least $10 a day right there.  There’s no reason to be spending money during the week (other than on gas for your vehicle), I’d suggest picking one shopping day and sticking to that day alone.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

I chose a small budget for my groceries and I would plan my meals around that budget.  Challenge yourself!  Plan your meals around the grocery store flyer.  Chicken not on sale this week?  Well then, I guess we aren’t eating chicken.  When I lived on my own this was extremely easy for me.  I only spent about $40 on average per week for groceries, which I would say is a fairly tight budget but very much doable.  Of course, when I needed household necessities I would have to spend a little extra but that’s beside the point.  On those days, I might cut meat off my budget and eat vegetarian for the week just to fudge the numbers a little.

Shop with cash.

This is honestly my biggest tip, shopping with cash.  Now, I’m a hairdresser so that makes this tip easy for me; I always have a bit of cash from tips during the day.  I would go home every night, put my $50 into a jar and watch my money grow.  Some days I would make less, but then make up for it towards the end of the week.  And once I made my weekly goal, if there was any leftover it would go towards groceries, gas, and the like.

Shopping with cash I think is a mentality.  Only having $40 to spend at the grocery store, rather than unlimited credit, will make you much more creative and frugal.  Suddenly you can do without that extra cheese on top of your casserole, am I right?

Quit using credit cards.

I don’t like to use my credit cards for shopping, period.  Credit cards are used solely to pay bills and then they are quickly paid off every month.

Now I’m not suggesting you need to go hungry in order to save money, or cut out all fun activities.  But if you have a goal in mind, and a timeframe, understand that you will have to make sacrifices during that time to ensure you meet your goal!  I saved 6k within 6 months because I was driven and focused on my goal, and that money eventually went towards buying myself a new car.  It pays off!!  And I promise I’m not this obsessive over budgeting all the time, just most of the time lol!  Happy saving my friends!!  XOXO




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