i should probably stray away from making lists especially about me, but i figured this blog needs at least one of these.  christmas has taken the wind out of me and i’m just beginning to re-coup from all the stress of the holidays, though my bank account is going to take a few months to get back to normal.  i digress tho 🙂

1.  i’m kinda obsessed with Youtubers, ask my fiance it drives him crazy.  i watch and follow a lot of amazing people on Youtube, i kind of like to think of it as my inspiration for life.

2.  i am second of six children.  oldest girl.  one older brother, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers.  and i couldn’t be without them, i love having a big family!

3.  i am 21.  sometimes i still feel 18, sometimes i feel like i’m 30.

4.  i’ve never had an energy drink, ever.  the whole idea just kind of grosses me out, and i’m not that into juice either.  and i’m allergic to caffeine, who would have thought.

5.  i have ibs, thus being allergic to caffeine.  so basically i’m intolerant to coffee and all things dairy or high carb.  so basically i can’t eat anything but vegetables, at least that’s what i should probably do.

6. my best friends are family to me.  as you get older you realize that family is only what you make it.  also i feel no obligation to hang out with blood-relatives if we don’t get along, just because we are “family” lol.

7.  social media is my dream job.  as much as i do love the job i have and the people i work with i really do not like working a 9-5 job.  if i could make money from my living room that would be amazing.

8.  i love making people happy which is why i love Christmas so much.  seeing their faces light up with the gift they have been pining for is so worth it!

9.  i feel naked without eyebrows.  i spend a solid 10 minutes or more drawing my eyebrows on every morning, and i won’t leave the house without them.

10.  i love chocolate, but not as much as i used to.  which is probably a good thing considering my gut hates me when i eat it.

11. i have a travelers itch.  problem being i have no money to scratch my itch.  somebody send me on an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica lol

12. i love children, babies specifically.  being from a big family i grew up with a lot of chaos in the house and i actually crave it now.  so crying babies and bratty toddlers do not bother me much lol.  lay it on me!

13.  i am terribly sarcastic.  especially at work and with family.  once i come out of my shell a bit i just do not stop.  they call me the sassmaster lol.

14.  i struggle with depression and anxiety.  it is crazy how many people probably would not know this, i did not even realize this until the past year myself.

15.  i was homeschooled and i fucking loved it.

16.  hairstylist by trade.  i have been doing hair for 3 years now and i enjoy it so much!  especially the girls that i am able to work with!

17.  i grew up in Maple Ridge, BC.  lived there for 12 years and then moved 5 times in the last 10 years.  now i live in the tiny town of Armstrong.

18.  i recently got engaged!  exciting much!  wedding planning is a little more work that i had thought it would be lol.

19. i always wanted to go to school to be a social worker, however the 4 years of schooling slightly deterred me.

20.  this ties hand in hand with the above statement…i have always wanted to adopt children and i really hope we can one day.

21.  i am the most annoying girlfriend lol.  i do not think Walt will argue me on this haha…thank god he puts up with me 🙂

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Congrats on your engagement! I also LOVE giving Christmas gifts more than getting them. I love doing these! Here’s mine: http://bit.ly/2Bh8Kfu

And I have an updated one coming soon!

Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com