I know…what am I doing, right?  What the hell is Arbonne?  I was introduced to this business a couple months ago from my boss at work, Wendy.  I wasn’t looking for another career in anything much less network marketing!

I knew Wendy really wasn’t one to jump on a fad diet or put money on something that she didn’t believe in, but I was still really skeptical.  I had partnered up with a different networking biz a few months ago and they signed me up to be a “coach”, added me to a dozen facebook groups, and confused me to no end.  The whole thing was a bit of a nightmare and I couldn’t see it in myself to carry on when I didn’t believe in the product.

But with Arbonne they have a 45 day money back guarantee so how I could say no? I went ahead and ordered the “30 Days to Healthy Living”.

Check out my results!  Arbonne transformed me in just 30 days!  Not only can I stand by this product in that it really does work, but I am also a client for life!  There is no other company I would rather support.

When Wendy had introduced me to Arbonne I realized that I had the opportunity to gain more freedom with my time and finances!  This opportunity is something that could not only compensate your monthly pay cheque but could become your full income.  Think of what you could accomplish with just an extra $500 in your pocket every month!?!?

Ask yourself this…where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Are you going to be working the same 9-5 job?  Is that what you want?

That is what really hit home for me, I have bigger dreams than what I am doing right now.  I want to be sipping bellini’s in Jamaica, with Arbonne, and I now have the opportunity to do just that!

The women I have met through Arbonne already are such an inspiration to me!

These are just a few reasons WHY IM DOING ARBONNE.

✨ I want time and financial freedom!

✨ I don’t want to miss out on amazing opportunity!

✨ To stay motivated fitness-wise.

✨ To be able to travel more.

✨ To help and inspire others so they can have financial freedom as well.

✨ I want to build an empire 🙌

✨ I truly believe in their products!  The 30 Days to Healthy Living program has helped so many with their fitness and health goals.

✨ Who wouldn’t want to earn a free white Mercedes?!?!?


I would love to share more about this opportunity with you!  Leave me comment below and we will chat 💕

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